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Samsung Galaxy S4 - 9

Samsung Galaxy S4 – 9 (Photo credit: Janitors)

Slightly bigger screen, 2 GB ram,wave through photos with gesture control, S health, and so many other fun apps that works so well on the S4, the integrating of Google maps, hover  features are also cool. In a recent post about the S4. We talked about some of the Samsung Galaxy Features. We wanted to review it through and through to see what the tech improvements are. I found this video from,  iFixitYouorself’s  YouTube page. This review is the most through and through tear-down that we like to see as technicians and as consumers.

This video as to be the most consumer friendly that i found. The Samsung S4 specs are mentioned and the breakdown of what they mean for clear understanding. Like the recent post mentioned. Not much as improved in the design and materials. The phone is still made from plastic for the body.

Samsung S4 uses the snapdragon 600 processor, This is a quad-core and is used, also, the debated Exynos processor that is said to be of a slower speed. However the Exynos 5 Octa 8 cores has more cores to work with. The Exynos processors are mostly in Europe and other countries.  May also be requested as there are in some versions of the S4. Which processor is better?  It is a close call with each having attributes of their own.


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