Samsung S4 Camera

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4

The best smart phone camera out to date. With a 13 mega pixel camera and Samsung‘s best camera software added, the  Samsung Galaxy S4 has one of, if not the best smart phone cameras out in 2013.

The 13 mp really looks good for pictures. The S4 really shines in this area. The zooming aspect ratio and sharpness with the clarity is daytime photos are phenomenal.

This Phone takes better, accurate and more detailed pictures than most smart phones do. Like i said before. Not specifically good for low light situation. This camera has a better color   sensor than most, and will give good result for this type of picture. Because it has software loaded for camera quality editing… There are some additional thing that you are able to do with this phone. One is a whiny online diary, and the other is a light speed news source, Facebook v Twitter throw down!

One thing that stands out is the ability to make gif images with the camera features. This camera functions allow several different picture settings. The function that generate gifs is the  Animated photo functions. This create a picture containing selected moving objects by animating parts of the picture  while others part are still.

The different feature setting are

1-drama; takes several stills of a moving object.

2-sound & shot ;allows a picture to have attached audio for short period.

3-best face ; Select the best picture of each person from 5 consecutive pictures, to get the best merged group of pictures.

4-Best photo; Takes a series of photo and then select the best to save.

5-Animated photo; create pictures containing selected moving objects by animating certain parts of the picture.

6- Dual shot; allows you to use both the front facing and the rare facing camera at the same time

7-Auto; this automatically adjust the exposure to optimize the color and brightness of the pictures

8-night; take brighter clearer pictures in low light without the flash

9- sport; takes pictures of fast-moving objects.

10- Panorama; allows you to pan camera to include a wide area of view into a picture

11- Rich tone; creates a soft, rich color by merging pictures taken at various exposures

12-Eraser; save the best picture after erasing moving objects from 5 consecutive pictures

to get to any of the features above. Find the camera icon and select the feature you wish to use from the scroll wheel.

Check out the Best Parent Texts! We think #2 is hilarious!


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