English: Diagram of a computer hard disk drive

English: Diagram of a computer hard disk drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Portable hard drives










I have a laptop with hard drive space that is too small… that’s what she said :), Sorry for that i had to put that in there.

500 gb of storage is not enough for what i do on my laptop.  This would normally be sufficient to do whatever i want to do with my laptop on a daily basis of course. However when it comes to storing pictures and video and different music playlist for offline viewing. I find that my hard drive quickly become to small to handle the job… yea that is what she said. Found that when storage is getting low my laptop begins to slow in performance after reaching 60%, thou this is no full capacity, it is not good to use that much of your hard disk space for long periods of time.

The solution that i found helpful to me, was to get myself a portable hard disk drive. While shopping around, I realized that i could get almost any size hard disk  for a large price range, So after many, that’s what she said jokes later. I have found that 2 TB is adequate for the time being and i will decide later if i need anything lager, OK  that’s what she said jokes aside. I paid $127.43 for this 2 TB portable drive.

Not too big it fits perfectly into my backpack with my laptop and text books. I carry this hard drive around with me and also use it to save files that i want to backup from class. This more than enough for me as a student. I save movies, music,homework,lectures, iso image files, watch movies directly from this drive when it is connected to my laptop and it works seamless, All in all, i think i made a good choice with the WD My Passport 2 TB USB 3.0 external hard drive, in black.

I read many reviews on a few web pages before i bought this new hard drive, I have had no problems installing and configure how i want to use with my laptop. If not mentioned before. I have a hp pavilion that i bought last year i think, which is ancient now that you think about it. I might be getting something newer soon. But for now this is more than i need at the moment, for what i do.

For portable hard drives and disk,I came across some solid state drives  (ssd) also. I am not sure i wanted to spend the kind of money ssd cost right now. I am told, and i have rad many places that ssd are the better choice for speed and reducing noise, This maybe true. Noise and speed is not that important to me at this time. I get better than enough speed from the drive that i bought and i hear the platters turn if i listen really close, however they are not loud noise,  My decision is mostly based on the price that i paid for this portable drive.

I am sure there are other hard drives that i could have chosen and i saw many of them and they all seem to have the same basic specs so hopefully i made a good choice with manufacturer, because i have not used this company before and i hope they don’t let me down.


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